Gem Cluster Pin End

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This dazzling array of gems is the perfect threadless end for a variety of ear piercings. Each curved gem cluster is made from implant-certified titanium and is available with either 3 or 5 sparkling bezel-set gems.

Our Pride Collection is meant to help promote visibility and representation for LGBTQIA+ individuals everywhere. These pride clusters feature five colorful gems, bezel-set in implant certified titanium.

The three gem curve has one 3mm and two 2mm stones.
The five gem curve has one 3mm, two 2,5mm, and two 2mm stones.


XCGEMC-2/3/2 - Height: 3.5mm, Width: 7.6mm, Depth: 2.2mm
XCGEMC-2/2.5/3/2.5/2 - Height: 4.4mm, Width: 13mm, Depth: 2.2mm