Gold Plated Mayan Flared Simple Eyelet

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No matter your style or vision, this gold-plated organic brass eyelet is great for everyday wear in a stretched piercing. The organic eyelet is plated with 18kt gold and maintains its luster. The distinctive Mayan flare makes it unique and comfortable to wear in a variety of stretched piercing sizes. The Gold Plated Mayan Flared Simple Eyelet is priced per one and comes in various sizes. Please check out for Quantity 2 if you would like a pair.


  • Material: 18kt Gold Plated Brass
  • Size Options: 6mm–26mm
  • Wearable Area: ~8mm–10mm
  • Mayan flared for a secure fit
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Price per one eyelet

Gauge 6mm-2g