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About Lenny:

Lenny Rodriguez started his tattoo career 19 years ago. Inspired by seeing his grandfather’s tattoo at an early age.  He went on to explore tattooing growing up in the punk rock and skateboarding scene in Hialeah.  In 2001, he was hired by Ken & Michelle Cameron, of the legendary Tattoos by Lou, and South Beach Tattoo Company. Throughout his career, Lenny has worked In his career in Miami, Tattoos by Lou in Hialeah, North Miami, South Beach, Kendall, and South Beach Tattoo Co.  

Lenny takes the longevity of a tattoo into consideration, which is why he specializes in Big – Bold works that will last the test of time. He truly enjoys his craft, and loves tattoos that look like tattoos: Outline, shading, color, skin = A Classic Tattoo!

You will always get a great experience with Lenny, his upbeat personality and love for his craft always show (even through his mask)!  We are so proud and elated to have Lenny be a part of the Lost Lake Tattoo Family.  When Lenny is not at the shop, or busy with his four kids, he is making beautiful artwork! Check out his inst @len_on_fire and see what’s for sale!